What Are the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in 2015

runningRunning is a part of a modern lifestyle, not only it keeps your body healthy, it also makes you look better. Whether it is cold and rainy or hot and sunny outside, this is no excuse for you, you go running.

But you want something more to keep you motivated. You want to feel the rush and energy throughout your body and the only way to do that is with some good music.

Because music is important to you, you don’t want to listen it just with any kind of headphones, you want the best. The sound quality has to be great, they have to fit perfectly and never bother you even at most extreme movement. This is why we have created this comprehensive chart of the best Bluetooth headphones for running.

“Thank you… fat dude with a giant headphones on the subway, for looking like what would’ve happened if Jabba the Hutt mated with Princess Leila.”

Jimmy Fallon

The Essential Guide to Best Wireless Headphones for Sports and Running

PictureHeadphones for RunningRating on AmazonPopularity/Number of ReviewsPrice
PictureHeadphones for RunningRating on AmazonPopularity/Number of ReviewsPrice
bluebudsJayBird BlueBuds X Sport
3.8#1 2500+$$$$
jabra sport Jabra Sport Pulse
3.8#9 70+$$$$
motorolas11 Motorola S11-Flex HD
3.4#2 1000+$$$
beats powerbeats2 Powerbeats2 (In-Ear)
3.8#6 500+$$$$
plantronics Plantronics BackBeat Fit
4.3#7 300+$$$
bts66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone
4.3#3 870+$$
avantreeAvantree Sacool Heavy Bass Noise Isolating Bluetooth Headphones
3.7#4 560+$
monsterMonster iSport Freedom Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones
4.1#8 100+$$$$
yurbudsYurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
3.2#9.1 50+$$$
jlabJLab GO Bluetooth Headphones
3.1#5 500+$$

What Headphones are Suitable for Running?

You want a few things when it comes to headphones and running. First of all they have to stick to your ears and not fall off. During running the force of movement can make the headphones to drop off and possibly damage them.

Tight and comfortable fit is a must, especially since you will probably be using them for long listening sessions during running trips. Wearing badly fit headphones for hours can be very uncomfortable.

Since running is a hobby you do in all kinds of weather, in snow and rain, in cold and scorching heat you need the headphones to be durable. Making sure they are able to withstand different types of weather and especially humidity should be one of the requirements.

Highly durable and possibly sweat and humidity resistant headphones are best suited for this job. There are even some which are impervious to water to a certain depth.

Enjoying the music from your headphones in comfort in all types of weather is all for nothing if you’re not getting high sound quality out of them. There are many that are water resistant and durable, but get you mediocre sound quality. Since you’re looking for the best, high sound quality is another must-have for a quality pair of running headphones.

What are the Best Bluetooth Running Headphones for Me?

When looking at what Bluetooth headphones for running to buy, you should decide upon a few things before purchasing.

What type of headphones do you want? Regular earbuds, Over-ear or In-ear. There are many different types of headphones. Some are small and extend into your ear canal some are big and surround your whole ear. Since headphones seem to be a fashion accessory for a lot of people you should take into consideration what kind of look you want to have. Do you want small and light earbuds, or big and heavy over ear headphones?

Does it connect with your Bluetooth device? Some headphones are made for specific brands and you should be extra careful they connect to your phone or your tablet before getting them. The more modern and popular headphones usually connect to all devices with Bluetooth capability, but there are still some who are limited.

Do you want to use them for other things as well? Do you plan on using them with your tablet for watching movies or listening to the music when on a bus or a train? These are all questions you should be asking yourself. Since there are so many Bluetooth devices you will be able to connect your headphones to, there is more than just one use for them.

What is your budget? There is a wide price range when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. Picking yours should include the best value for the price as well, especially if you are on a limited budget. Usually you can get very good headphones that aren’t that much worse than the best for less money.

Why Get Wireless Headphones?

Seriously, why do I need Bluetooth headphones if wired ones do the job just fine?

Sure, the wires can get tangled from time to time and are a pain in the ass to get untangled, especially when you need to run now and don’t have the time to get into fixing the mess.

wirelessWorking out with them or playing sports isn’t such a big problem, you’ll have to be careful not to break the wires or drop the audio play. With the right armband you can do many things even with wires and your cell phone attached to you.

Well, regular wired headphones aren’t bad, but only those who tried wireless know how the difference feels. You feel free to do anything you want. You’re not limited by the wires or the audio player and don’t have to worry about it. Running, playing sports or working out while listening to the music has never been so comfortable.

Focusing on the workout and not the wires of your headphones helps your motivation and quality of the workout. After you’re done, you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining the wiring or audio-quality since Bluetooth headsets are usually made with sweat in mind. Just put them off, recharge them if necessary and they’re ready for next training.

Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones for Running Reviewed

JayBird BlueBuds X

bluebudsxbigThese are the overall best Bluetooth headphones for all types of sports you can get right now. They are the perfect balance of high sound quality, perfect comfortable fit, durability and the price. It doesn’t get much better than BlueBuds X which were also chosen as the best Bluetooth earbuds overall.

Their ability to stay in position even with extreme movement makes them perfect for running. They have a lifetime warranty against sweat just to make you sure they’re build for durability.

In case the original earbuds don’t fit your ears, you can achieve the perfectly comfortable fit with various earphone tips you can get in many different sizes.

With their 8 hours of playtime on one battery charge you will get more than 1 workout out of them. To fully charge the battery you’ll need 2 hours which isn’t too long to frustrate you.

The Bluetooth connectivity is stable and strong with all Bluetooth devices without any distortion or disconnects. These earbuds can sync with any of the 8 internally memorized audio devices, when the 9th is synced the first one will be forgotten. The connection radius is about 20ft or 6 meters after which it will start to break.

Has very good sound isolation so outside noises can’t bother you in your own little world. They also don’t leak any sound to environment, what you’re listening to is your own business.

These high quality in-ear headphones have been recognized by the American triathlon team by making them the official training headphones and in triathlon they do more than just run with them. The only minus they have is no specialized fitness software like the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones have.

Read more reviews of BlueBuds X here.


Jabra Sport Pulse

jabrasportbigThe only reason these Jabra headphones weren’t chosen as the best is because of their high price. They offer great built quality with durability and comfortable fit that will stay on.

Sound quality is as high as you can expect from any other premium set of headphones. But the big plus comes in a built-in heart rate monitor with an app that will show you your status and overall progress. This is probably the reason for such a high price and it is worth it.

If you are sick of the heart rate monitors where you need to use the chest band then this is a good solution for you. They heart rate monitor works as promised without many problems. It keeps connected and offers a wide range of possible use, in the gym, going on a hike or just taking public transport. The only problem is its battery life which at 5 or so hours isn’t the longest, but should be enough for even the longest running tours.

Motorola S11-Flex HD

motorolas11highHere is another earbud headset that stands out in its sound quality, design, fit and affordable price. These headphones are chosen as one of the best 5 wireless earbud headphones in our article about best Bluetooth earbuds. The reasons these headphones are so popular are many. The Motorola brand is a known and recognized for quality products worldwide.

The thing that really stands out is its battery that will provide you with high quality audio for 6 hours on full charge, but it only requires 30 minutes to fully charge. That means you need only 5 minutes for 1 hour of life battery. This makes it very versatile and ready for some action in short time.

As said before the only problem you might have with them is its lightweight design that doesn’t have the best durability. While it will last you a long time in all types of weather you should be careful about hitting them or dropping them too many times. Other than that Motorola S11-Flex HD is getting great reviews from thousands of people who are very happy with them.

Beats Powerbeats2 In-ear Headphones

powerbats2 bigJust like you would expect from other new Beats products these headphones have much improved from previous version. This version plays much better and you can hear the improvement of playing beats over the previous version.

These headphones are the real deal. You’re getting premium quality sound with a comfortable and tight fitting earbuds design that doesn’t disappoint. They are very light, but give you the oomph you can expect from some of the bulkier over- ear headphone designs.

Because they were made with sports users in mind, they are sweat and humidity proof for even the longest running sessions. The comfortable, yet tight fit will make them stay on no matter what size or shape your ears are.

Another feature that is important for runners is that is lets in ambient noise. While this is not something you want with regular headphones for home use, you need to know what is going on around you when running, unless you are on a treadmill in which case you don’ really need headphones and just turn up the radio.

The bad thing is the price. They are an expensive bunch and will set you back for $200+ which might be too much for some people. Yet if the price is not a problem and you care about listening to high quality music in comfort and style, Powerbeats2 are a great choice.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

plantronicsbHere is another sports headphone set with great reviews for a reason. It is a bit more expensive with a $100+ price range, but it is worth it every penny. Lightweight with sweat-proof and shock-proof design for most extreme cases of physical activity with lots of sweat and extreme movement. They don’t fall out of the ears even if you want them to.

The sound quality is very good as you would expect from any headphones for this price range. The controls are easy to use, though need some time getting used to because of their small size.

If you want to enjoy the music or an audio book on the run while still knowing what is going on around you, these headphones have you set. While you take your calls it will use its noise cancellation technology to make your calls free of outside disturbance. This is a rare feature of sports headphones.

The battery offers from 6-8 hours of use, depending on how loud you play it or how many phone calls you make. Just playing music it will last for about 8 hefty hours. It comes with an armband for your smart phone or other audio player.

All of the above are a great choice of wireless headphones for any active person who wants a tested high quality product that simply works like expected. For more related and specific information regarding headphones you can check out other articles.

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